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Licence Key Setup: Test a dongle and licence details

Start Licence Key Setup

Start the Licence key setup for the product you want setup.

  1. Navigate through the startmenu or search for Licence Key Setup to run it.


For a detailed explanation on how to start or find the proper Licence Key Setup, you should have a look at this document: Licence key Setup (iwsetkey.exe) explained

Test a dongle

  1. Choose the last option Test a dongle or soft licence server, or get local soft licence details. and
  2. Click Next

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Select licence type

Choose licence type

Select one of the options below in the Test licence type listbox that applies to your setup.

Licence Usage
Autodetect local Will automatically detect a local dongle
Old style network (Net Hasp) Red dongle, blue tag
New style network (Hasp HL Net) Red dongle, white tag
Old style local (Sentinel) Black or purple dongle
New style local (Hasp HL Max) Green dongle
Local soft licence Software licence installed on the computer
Network soft licence (checked out) Check out a licence for a given number of days (1-14), FLM
Network soft licence (on demand) Use a licence while the program is in use, FLM


The last two options are software licences installed on a Floating Licence Manager (FLM).

Network dongles/soft licence: Fill in computername or IP address

Enter the computername, IP address of the computer that hosts the network dongle or Floating Licence Manager


If there are multiple Licences on the Floating Licence Manager you can get the details of a specific licence by specifying a Licence number.

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View dongle information

Everything on the dongle or licence will be shown in the window that open. The information includes:

This is an example of a network dongle test:

Reading network dongle on localhost

Serial number   : 333666999
Type ID         : PM
Origin ID       : WS
Customer number : 4444
Copy number     : 333
Name            : COMPANY_NAME
Released        : Tue Jul 31 14:46:32 2012
Expires         : Mon Jul 02 01:59:59 2035
Contract expiry     : Sun Jun 30 01:59:59 2013
Last updated    : Tue Jul 31 14:46:32 2012
Last timestamp  : Thu Jan 01 01:00:00 1970

1 InfoWorks C license(s)
1 InfoWorks CS Engine license(s)
2 InfoWorks W license(s)
2 InfoWorks WS Engine license(s)
1 InfoNet license(s)

Enabled modules:
19:  TS - Time Series SIM
35:  IWCS - InfoWorks CS (HydroWorks)
70:  IWWS - InfoWorks WS (WesNet)
71:  WNWQ - WesNet: water quality
72:  WNCALIB - WesNet: calibration
84:  WN80000 - WesNet: add 80000
90:  PIDEXPANDSWITCH - PID: Expansion Switch
115:     SIZE800 - IW SIM: add 800 nodes
117:     SIZE3200 - IW SIM: add 3200 nodes
118:     SIZE6400 - IW SIM: add 6400 nodes
119:     SIZE12800 - IW SIM: add 12800 nodes
120:     SIZE25600 - IW SIM: add 25600 nodes
121:     SIZE51200 - IW SIM: add 51200 nodes
158:     INFONETAPP - InfoNet application (full)
175:     WN320000 - WesNet: add 320000

Save to textfile

You can save all the information displayed to a .txt text file by going in the menu.

  1. Click File in the menubar and
  2. Click Save As... and specify the save location for the text file.

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