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Dongle upgrade .c2v status file (new style)

If for some reason the upgrade couldn't be executed successfully, you will have to contact Innovyze® or InneauTech. You will be asked to create a .c2v status file and send it to us. It contains information about the dongle/licence, that is needed to create a new .v2c update file.

To speed up the progress, in case of an error during upgrade, you should:

  1. Describe or screenshot the error message
  2. Generate a .c2v file [explained in this guide]
  3. Send error and c2v to Innovyze® or InneauTech
  4. You will shortly receive a new .v2c file to upgrade your licence


This procedure also applies for licences on an Innovyze® Floating Licence Manager (FLM).


  1. Dongle upgrade with .v2c file failed
  2. Access to the computer with the dongle.

1. Run Licence Key Setup

  1. Run the Licence Key Setup on the pc that is connected to the dongle or hosts the licence.

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2. Manage dongle upgrades

  1. Choose the option Manage dongle upgrades.
  2. Click Next

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3. Create status file

  1. Choose the option Create a status file from a Hasp HL dongle to send to Innovyze
  2. Click Next

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To proceed to the next step a suitable dongle has to be attached to the computer. If not you will receive this error message: (HASP HL Error 50) A suitable dongle is not attached to the requested server

(HASP HL Error 50) A suitable dongle is not attached to the requested server

4. Select .c2v file location

  1. Select a location for the .v2c status file using the browse button or type\paste the path to the file in the textbox.
  2. Click Next to create a status file for the dongle/licence

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5. Finish

A screen with a finish button will be displayed when the dongle upgrade was successful.

  1. Click Finish the close the setup.

Attach the .c2v file to an email for or

You can verify dongle contents by running a keytest on the dongle. The procedure is explained in this document: Dongle keytest