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Dongle upgrade (old style) with .exe file


These steps apply to all upgrade/downgrade or update operations on an old style dongle. This includes extending/limiting support periods and adding aditional modules (more nodes or modules (e.g. autocad support, import options, simulation engine,...)).


  1. You need to have an e-mail with a link to dongle upgrade program from Innovyze® or InneauTech. The email will be sent after the payement of the invoice.

1. Download upgrade file

When a dongle Upgrade is requested, Innovyze® will provide you an executable file to upgrade the dongle. The file is downloadable from a subsection of the Innovyze® webiste. We will provide you with this link.

Download the file from the link. Opening this link will immediatly download the file to your computer.


The link will be in this format:

The downloaded file is a .zip archive.

The file on the link will generally only be available for 7 days after the order has been subitted and a link has been sent to you.

2. Extract .exe from .zip archive

The executable file will have the dongle id (of the dongle to be upgraded) in its name.

  1. Extract the executable from the zip file.
  2. connect the dongle that has to be upgraded to the computer.

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3. Run .exe

  1. Run the executable. A window will open and show you your information and the dongle id. [see screenshot]
  2. Click Proceed.

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The dongle upgrade program is configured to update a specific dongle. You can see the dongle id for which it was issued when you run the program. The program will refuse to update any other dongle.

There can only be one dongle attached to the pc while upgrading.

4. Finish

A screen with a finish button will be displayed when the dongle upgrade was successful

  1. Click Finish the close the setup.

You can verify dongle contents by running a keytest on the dongle. The procedure is explained in this document: Dongle keytest