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Licence Key Setup: select dongle to use with software

This guide explains how to setup a computer (client) to use a licence that is either a local, network or software licence including licences on a FLoating Licence Manager.


1. Start Licence Key Setup

  1. Navigate through the startmenu or search for Licence Key Setup to run it.


For a detailed explanation on how to start or find the proper Licence Key Setup, you should have a look at this document: Licence key Setup (iwsetkey.exe) explained

2. Select a licence to use with the software

  1. Choose the first option Select a licence to use with the software.
InfoWorks CS, RS, SD, WS InfoWorks ICM, InfoNet
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Choose the licence to use for the current user on this computer

  1. Select the first or second option Choose the licence to use for the current user on this computer. or Choose the licence to use for all users on this computer.
  2. Click Next

| InfoWorks CS, RS, SD, WS, ICM and InfoNet| | :-----------------------------: | | Alt text |

3. Select licence type

  1. Select the type of licence applies to you setup. see 3.1
  2. Optional: for network licences only, specify the computername or ip that hosts the licence see 3.2
  3. Click Apply
InfoWorks CS, RS, SD, WS InfoWorks ICM, InfoNet
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3.1. Choose licence type

Select one of the options below in the Test licence type listbox that applies to your setup.

Licence Usage
Autodetect local Will automatically detect a local dongle
Old style network (Net Hasp) Red dongle, blue tag
New style network (Hasp HL Net) Red dongle, white tag
Old style local (Sentinel) Black or purple dongle
New style local (Hasp HL Max) Green dongle
Local soft licence Software licence installed on the computer
Network soft licence (checked out) Check out a licence for a given number of days (1-14), FLM
Network soft licence (on demand) Use a licence while the program is in use, FLM


The last two options are software licences installed on a Floating Licence Manager (FLM).

3.2. Network dongles/soft licence: Fill in computername or IP address

Enter the computername, IP address of the computer that hosts the network dongle or Floating Licence Manager


If there are multiple Licences on the Floating Licence Manager you can get the details of a specific licence by specifying a Licence number.


If you select Old style network (Net Hasp) you can use a nethasp.ini file to specify the location (ip address) and port of the server with the licences. The nethasp.ini file is placed directly under the folder where the Innovyze product is installed (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\InfoNet 14.5)

A nethasp.ini file looks like this:

; NetHASP Configuration file syntax.
; use ; for comments

NH_TCPIP = Enabled  ; Use the TCP/IP protocol



; Set the TCP/IP port number. This is
; optional. The default number is 475.


4. Finish

  1. Finish the setup.
  2. Test your settings by starting the Innovyze product. If you get an error check the document Common error messages for details on what to do.