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Licence key Setup (iwsetkey.exe) explained

Naming conventions

There are three different names for the Licence Key Setup depending on which product was installed.

  1. Licence Key Setup: Before version 15, All Licence Key Setups had the same name.
  2. SetKey Licence key Setup: SetKey is a standalone version of the iwsetkey.exe installed with Innovyze products. It is primarily used on servers with a Floating Licence Manager (network software licences).
  3. Innovyze Workgroup Client Licence key Setup: Starting from InfoNet 15 and InfoWorks ICM 5 the Licence Key Setup has the prefix Innovyze Workgroup Client.
  4. Infoworks Licence key Setup: Starting from InfoWorks 15 the Licence Key setup has the prefix InfoWorks

Run the license key setup program included with the software installation. The program can be found in the startmenu:

+ InfoWorks CS, RS, SD, WS InfoWorks ICM, InfoNet
2 InfoWorks 00.0 Innovyze Workgroup Client 0.0
3 InfoWorks PRODUCT 0.0 InfoNet 00.0
4 Licence Key Setup Innovyze Workgroup Client Licence Key Setup

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Run from Installation directory

The program executable is called iwsetkey.exe.

The alternative way is to run the program from its installation location. The default installation location should look like this:

If you are running the program from its installation location, you should specify a parameter that starts the program in the right mode. You will specify the program for which you want to edit the dongle parameters.

The easiest way is to create a shortcut for the iwsetkey.exe and append one of these bits of text to the end of the shortcuts target.

Parameter Program
/ICM InfoWorks ICM
/asset InfoNet
/CSRS InfoWorks CS, RS, WS

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Run standalone version


You can download the standalone SetKey program to check licences on a server without installing a full version of InfoWorks or InfoNet.

  1. Navigate your browser to
  2. in the Product Area select Product Utilities
  3. in the box next to it select Set Key
  4. Below the two choice boxes a link will appear. Click it to download the Set Key standalone program.