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InneauTech technical documentation site for Innovyze products

On this page you can find an overview of the available documentation. All the documantation content is searchable. Use the Search button in the top right of the blue menubar to access this feature.

The purpose of these documentation is to provide a more visual approach and searchable documentation for the installation and configuration of Innovyze products. It should be used allongside the official documentation provided by Innovyze.

Official documentation

The official documentation from Innovyze can be downloaded from their website as PDFs

About installing products

The documentation in this section explains in detail how to install InfoWorks, InfoNet and the Floating Licence Network Manager.


Innovyze Workgroup Client version 6 (ICM 6 and InfoNet 16) or InfoWorks version 16 no longer support Windows XP.

Version 6.0.4 of the InfoWorks ICM and InfoNet are the first versions that include official support for Windows 10.

About the licence Key setup

The documentation in this section explains how to configure the licences for the installed Innovyze products.

About dongle upgrades

The documentation in this section explains how to upgrade existing licences. This includes all sorts of licences (hardware dongle, network dongle, software licence (both fixed and floating)).

About soft licenses

The documentation in this ection explains how to apply and deactivate soft licenses. (local soft licenses and floating soft licenses)

About migration

The documentation in this section explains how to migrate from certain Innovyze products to their successors.

About miscellaneous

The documentation in this section explains other aspects of the Innovyze products that cannot be placed under the categories above.