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Installation of new style network dongles

Downloading the driver

Start by downloading the HASPUserSetup.exe from the Innovyze website. You do not need any login information.

  1. Navigate your webbrowser to Innovyze Homepage > Support > Product Updates
  2. Select the Product Utilities under Product Area.
  3. Select the Workgroup Network Dongle Driver in the Select Product column.
  4. Click on the link containing HASPUserSetup.exe in its name to download the driver.

Driver for Windows 10

If you are planning to serve the dongle from a Windows 10 machine, you will have to download a newer version of the HASPUserSetup. You can download that file directly from Safenet. Version 7.32 and higher support Windows 10.

You can find the file by following this link: The file is labelled Sentinel HASP/LDK - Windows GUI Run-time Installer. After accepting the end user licence agreement (Accept button on the bottom of the page), a .zip file will be downloaded containing the HASPUserSetup.exe

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Check firewall settings

The driver installation should configure the firewall of the local machine automatically. However it is recommended to check if the changes are properly set.

The new service is called Sentinel Licence Manager and accepts connections on port 1947. The service executable file is located here: C:\Windows\System32\hasplms.exe.

Sentinel Admin Control Center

To open the Sentinel Admin Control Center (SACC) you can point your browser to localhost:1947. Use the tab Sentinel keys to display connected dongles. You can click through the options to see the products and features that are on the dongle and current sessions connected to the dongle.

Access from outside local network

If you want to use the dongle outside of the local network which hosts the dongle you will have to enable a few extra options to ensure the client computer can find the dongle.

If the Local Network has a dedicated firewall, make sure to forward port 1947 from the external IP address to the internal IP address of the server that hosts the dongle.

Apply settings on client

These settings have to be applied on every client machine connecting from outside the LAN. The network driver is already installed with any version of the Innovyze Workgroup Client (i.e. InfoNet, InfoWorks ICM, CS, RS, ...)

  1. Point your browser to localhost:1947.
  2. Click on the Configuration tab in the left sidebar.
  3. Click on Access to Remote Licence Managers in the horizontal tab bar.
  4. Enable the option Aggressive Search for Remote Licences
  5. Enter the IP address or servername in the textbox labelled Remote Licence Search Parameters.
  6. Submit the changes. Allow for a couple of minutes to pass before the changes are propagated.

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