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Install procedure Innovyze® products

This document will show you how to install Innovyze® products. First you will need to download the installation files from the Innovyze® website. Afterwards you can start the installation process which consists of 7 easy steps demonstrated below. This document uses the installation of InfoWorks ICM as an example. All Innovyze® products require the same steps for installation.

Table of Contents

Downloading files

Innovyze product updates

Navigate your webbrowser to Innovyze Homepage > Support > Product Updates


You can also access this page from the homepage by clicking through the menu bar beneath the Innovyze® logo. Support > Product Updates

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Choose Product

On the Product Updates page:

  1. Select the Product Area that applies to the product you want to install. The product Area selection will filter the Select Products in the colunm next to it. You can leave this on All Products to see all of the available product from Innovyze®.
  2. Select the product you want to install in the Select Product column.
  3. Fill in the login credentials that you received from Innovyze® (You can find these credentials in the letter accompanying your order)
  4. Click Authorize to see the available installation files for the selected product.


Some products are freely available and don't need your login credentials to download the installation files

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Authorize before downloading

By clicking Authorize in the previous step the login field disappears and the available downloads for your selected product are shown. Download the appropriate files by clicking on the links.


Only the latest version of the product are shown directly on this page. You can download previous versions of the product by clicking on the link at the bottom "+ Previous Downloads:". The link will expand and show more downloads.

Make sure you download the right version for your operating system. Windows 7 and above are almost always 64-bit versions.

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Installer Versions


You can find the release notes for each product alongside the download links.

Innovyze Workgroup Client version 6 (ICM 6 and InfoNet 16) or InfoWorks version 16 no longer support Windows XP.

Version 6.0.4 of the InfoWorks ICM and InfoNet are the first versions that include official support for Windows 10.

Support contracts

Users are only able to run versions of the software if they have a valid support contract at the time of the software’s release. This does not affect the ability to run older versions of the software.

Terminology installation files

InfoWorks CS, WS, RS, SD

These programs are bundled together. An installation file for one of these products will include all the rest. (for example: The CS installer includes RS, WS, SD versions)

There is only one infoworks.exe file after installation. To start a specific product a parameter is appended to the shortcut path of the InfoWorks executable.

Product Parameter
XX Viewer /XX /consumeviewerlicence

Support for ESRI shp layers is available in installers with MO or O in their name.

Support for MapInfo layers is available in installers with MX or X in their name.

Installation file Options
IW_O_30006.msi IW CS, WS, RS, SD; ESRI
IW_X_30006.msi IW CS, WS, RS, SD; MapInfo

InfoWorks ICM, InfoNet

These programs are bundled together. An InfoWorks ICM installation will also include InfoNet and vice versa.

There is only one innovyzewc.exe file after installation. To start a specific product a parameter is appended to the shortcut path of the workgroup client executable.

Product Parameter
IW ICM No parameter
IN /asset

InfoWorks ICM is available as both 32 and 64 bit versions. However they do not include MapXtreme support in either version.

InfoNet is available as a 32 bit version that includes MapXtreme. This installation file will also make a 32 bit version of InfoWorks ICM available with mapXtreme support.

Installation file Options
InnovyzeWorkgroupClientx86_XT_12012.msi IW ICM + IN, 32 bit, MapXtreme
InnovyzeWorkgroupClientx86_12012.msi IW ICM + IN, 32 bit
InnovyzeWorkgroupClientx64_12012.msi IW ICM + IN, 64 bit

Installation Process

Step 1: Checking requirements

The installation process will determine if enough space and required components are available. This can take a few seconds after which the next button will be enabled.

  1. Click the Next button

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Step 2: Licence Agreement

To install the product you will have to accept the license agreement.

  1. Check the box I accept the terms in the license agreement and
  2. Click the Next button

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All Innovyze® products are protected under copyright©.

  1. Click the Next button

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Step 4: Custom Setup

On this screen you can specify which of the components included in the installation file should be installed. For some components you can choose a custom installation location or choose whether to not install them at all.

  1. Click Browse (if available) to specify a custom installation location
  2. Click the Next button

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To not install a specific component click on the icon in front of it and select the option Entire feature will be unavailable

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Step 5: Desktop Icons

In this step you can choose to put Icons on the desktop for the product to be installed by checking the box. Depending on the product, multiple icons will appear on the desktop after installation if checked. All product will also be accessible from the Start Menu in Windows.

  1. Check the box Create a shortcut for this program on the desktop to install desktop icons
  2. Click the Next button

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Step 6: Remove Dongles

Remove all dongles from the pc before continuing the installation. Dongle drivers will be installed during the installation.

  1. Click the Next button

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Step 7: Installation Progress

You can follow the installation progress on this screen. It will take a couple of minutes to finish the installation.

  1. Click the Finish button once the setup has completed has completed

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Language setup

By default the Innovyze® product will use the Windows system locale to determine in which language to show the program. To override these settings and specify a different language we need to add a parameter to the application startup.

  1. Right click the shortcut of the product (desktop or start menu)
  2. Select Properties in the context menu
  3. In the properties dialog, append the string in the Target textbox with /lang:x


Replace x with the appropriate letter for your desired language. See the table below for all available languages.

Available Language Parameters

language parameter
French F
Japanese J
Spanish S
Dutch D
Vlaams V (i.e. Flemish for Belgium)
Italian I
Portuguese P
Simplified Chinese SC
Belgian French FB
Korean K
English E

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