Migrate from InfoNet to ICM


When you want to migrate a database from InfoNet to ICM, you can follow the steps below. First you create a transportable database in InfoNet. And later in ICM you import it and configure your database to your liking.


Create a transportable database

You do this by opening InfoNet, and going to File > Open > Open new transportable database....

Copy the network into Transportable database

From you master database, select the network you want to copy into the transportable database. You do this by right clicking and selecting copy. After this go to your transportable database and right click on Compact Transportable Database, select paste.

Send the transportable database to the ICM user

The file should have an .icmt extension.


Open the transportable database

You do this by opening ICM, and going to File > Open > Open transportable database....


If the ICM user has access to the server hosting the InfoNet database, creating a transportable database is not required. In this case, the InfoNet database is directly open in ICM (File > Open > Open another master database)

Copy the network

Copy the network (Collection Network) from the database displayed in the Explorer window (right click > copy). Then paste it into the Master database (right click > paste)


In earlier versions of ICM, the Collection Network can be pasted into the ICM database only when an InfoNet license is open simultaneously. This point has been improved in version 7 (ICM 7.0 and newer) where it’s now possible to do it without InfoNet license.

Create a new Model Network

Create a new Model Network then open it into GeoPlan (empty for now).

Copy the Collection Network into GeoPlan

Drag and drop the Collection Network into the GeoPlan (it can take some time): nothing is visible in the GeoPlan yet, but its header has been updated.

Update the Model Network

Update the Model Network from the Collection Network (Network > Import > Update from collection network), then choose the source type (Network, Selection, Zone or Zone Category).

Advanced options

In the new window that appears, use the Advanced Options button in order to define some options (e.g. the matching between InfoNet fields and ICM fields). When you are finished configuring click OK.

Cleaning up

The network is now into the Model Network. You can delete the Collection Network, if you don’t need it anymore.