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InfoWorks ICM Remote Results

This document will explain how to move the simulation results of one computer to another folder so that the simulation results are available to other pc's.

More information on this can be found in the Help Files. Menu > Help > Help Topics > Data Management > Remote Roots.

1. Set Local Root folders

It's best to keep both the working and results folder on a local drive of the computer. These folders can grow very large. It is adviced to move them from the system partion to another local drive/partition. (system will work very slow if the disk is almost full)

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Set Working and Results folder to local drive

These folder locations can be set to a different location for each client computer.

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2. Set Remote Roots

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Set Remote Results

Be sure to set this location to the same location on all client computers. This directory will contain all results of simulations that are "shared" ("Moved to server").

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3. Results Manager

Master database > right click > Open Results manager

Make sure an explorer window is open to see the top level item [Master database]. The Explorer window can be openend through the menu > Window > New explorer window.

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Move local Results Files to server

All simulations in this Master database are shown here. The Location field show where the files are residing:

  1. Server: simulation is in the remote results folder
  2. Local Machine: Simulation results are in your local results folder
  3. empty: Simulations have been run on another computer and are in that computers local results folder; there is also no date or size specified

Right click any simulation to see the available options. The 4th option Move Results Files to Server will move the simulation results to the remote results folder.

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Confirm move of results

Click yes. Files will be moved from you local Results to the Remote Results folder

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In the job control window you can follow the process of the move. Wait for the status to change to Ended before downloading the results on another pc.

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Possible error message

After the Confirm move dialog the following 2 error messages can be shown. This can be resolved by changing the ICM Agent Settings. (see below)

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ICM Agent settings

In order to change the settings you have to stop the service from running (use stop button).

Before you can use the option Move Results Files to Server you have to configure the agent to run as a coordinator.

You can also move the ICM agent Working folder to a specified location (free up C drive).

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